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Amy McCauley

Amy Ronda Owner

We are each born with a purpose. From the moment we inhale our first breath, God has a plan for us. The discovery of that purpose happens to each of us at different stages of our lives. For me, it was when I was 19 years old. I walked into my first group Fitness class and knew that I was meant to teach. Throughout my career in fitness I have had moments of impact. Many big accomplishments like getting my college degree, writing a book, producing two Pilates DVDs, and opening my own studio but that’s not what makes me who I am. It’s something much, much more than my accomplishments, it’s my connection to people. It’s the lives I have changed along the way that gives me the most satisfaction, along with my husband and children, my church, and my family.

When I teach, it gives me the ability to use my voice to help people break down their walls and let me in. It’s the moment when I connect to each person that I am able to work through them. We all have our own insecurities, fears, and doubts. For me, it’s been my most painful experiences that have led me to my greatest self. I’ve learned that true identity is found when we surrender to what we cannot change and embrace what we can. We all have times when we feel like we are walking through a desert. It’s knowing we are not alone that gives us the strength to move forward.

When I walk into my studio each day, I look for new opportunies to give love. You never know what someone is going through when they step into your class. This is the moment to capture. Our voice is the most powerful tool we have to connect with others.

Every class I teach has a different message. Pilates and Barre are my soul-searching classes where my students can let go and flow with their bodies. The music, my voice, the feeling of freedom through movement. In Boot Camp, Hiit, Power Punch it’s taking yourself to the edge. Where you don’t think you can hold on for another second…. And then you do! Burn Factor was my magical creation during 2020 Covid Quarantine. For three months I held zoom classes with my clients and we mastered the “burn” with weights/cans, etc. whatever we had at home. Someone once said to me “you could create an entire workout with a shoe lace and paper clip and so I did. It just goes to show that with imagination, all things are possible.

There’s no script in life. I allow myself to be vulnerable so that god may speak through me. Physical fitness is much like faith. We must trust the process in order to grow and change. Our bodies are our temples. When someone comes to me, they must be open to change or our time together is merely a workout. It’s the ones who listen, learn and love who benefit the fullest from my practice with them. A dear friend once said, “faith is like the wind; you can’t see it but you can feel it”.

When you dedicate daily to your health, you begin to build a foundation. Once you establish the foundation, it creates your center, and from the center you grow. When we stand in the shoes of judgment our soul lies empty. When we look through the lenses of others, our hearts open to endless possibilities.

Susie Linquist

Susie Linquist

My life changed the day I made fitness my top priority. Allowing a small amount of time for yourself DAILY is all you need to be better at Life! I am a full time photographer, wife, and mother of two, and I still make time for my workouts everyday! I have learned that filling my cup first makes everything in life flow better. Through my mentorship with Amy, and her constant encouragement and support, I have found a stronger, and happier me.  It is an honor to pay that forward as an instructor! My goal is to inspire you to grow stronger, healthier, happier, and more in love with your life, your body, and your SELF, too!

Jessica Rogers

Jessica Rogers

I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have four beautiful children. My life revolves around our family business, my church duties, and homeschooling my kids. I’ve always had a passion for fitness and always made it a priority, even with my busy schedule. I finally fulfilled my dream when I became certified to teach! Helping people and watching them gain confidence and inner strength is so rewarding. Seeing their bodies change is magical, but helping each person find their inner athlete is what really drives me! I strive to help each person feel worthy and capable, no matter their current season of life. The time is now to live your BEST life!


Our Culture

Our One Word Wall

I wanted my studio to be more than a place for people to come and workout, sweat, and go home. I wanted people to feel a part of something special. Each individual has a purpose and each of us encompasses our own gifts. We have the wall so that each person feels a part of something. Every time we look at the wall we see others' stories. This makes us A Body Empowered. This is our intention. Be present each day, not in thy self but as a core group with a purpose to support each other’s journey.

What's Behind the Logo

The logo has a little “e”. at the tip of the “e” is a dot to represent “Christ Centered”. Then as you see the + where studio meets empowered.

How We Got Started

I began branding A Body Empowered while I was at Golds Gym. In December 2005, I published A Body Empowered by Fitness: Your Guide to A Healthy Lifestyle. Then in December of 2011 I launched my first Pilates DVD: A Body Empowered by Pilates- Change is Coming. In October of 2015 my second DVD was launched: A Body Empowered By Pilates- Part Two . And on November 6th, 2017 the studio was born.

A Body Empowered

6622 Suite P Gordon Rd.
Wilmington, NC 28411